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Corfu Island

The magnificent island of Corfu is worth-visiting since it boasts various places that wait to be explored by car. The picturesque streets and memorable locations, that afford unparalleled views can be easily reached by car. Find easily the best car and start your explorations on the island of Corfu.

Why hire a car in Corfu

A car offers comfort to passengers and helps them save time when they want to visit many places in only a few days. Tourists deciding to spend their holidays on Corfu try to visit the majority of places on Corfu, boasting something unique. The easiest way to manage to do this would be by hiring a car on Corfu with Corfu Paleo Rentals. Visit remote villages on Corfu safely and quickly and enjoy the views from the car to the surrounding scenery and sea.

Driving on Corfu

Are you interested in finding out if renting a car on Corfu is a good idea? We can reassure you that this is the smartest decision that you can take in order to explore the island of Corfu. Despite the fact that in some remote places and areas near Mt. Pantokratoras roads are quite narrow, those that have recently constructed are of high quality and offer enough space for safe riding. In places with narrow roads, you have to drive carefully and not exceed the road speed limits.

Offering a great variety of cars

What type of tourist are you?


We recommend the most amazing places if you are fond of explorations.
Must Sights

Pelekas Village

Old Perithia

Chalikounas Beach

Mt. Pantokratoras

History lover

If you have decided to visit Corfu in order to learn much more about this island’s history and culture then you have to visit the places below.
Must Sights

Old Perithia

Achilleion Palace


Mon Repos


For nature lovers Corfu is the ideal place, since there are lots of places with amazing natural environment and pathways for those who are keen on hiking.
Must Sights


Pantokratoras Mountain


Porto Timoni